Coordination of

Spanish Asset Sales

Our Services


Coordinating the sale of our clients’ Spanish Properties,wherever situated.


We are also able to coordinate the sale or disposal of our clients’ vehicles in Spain; and the liquidation of Spanish financial holdings and bank accounts on our clients’ behalf.


We carry out our transactional work in conjunction with Legal 4 Spain. For more information regarding Spanish legal services, visit



Our Team


We provide a single point of contact for each case; and all transactional work is managed by a fully qualified and highly experienced lawyer. This assures professional regulation and complete financial security for our clients.


Our clients are also assured of clear and regular communication.


Our Role


The exact nature of our role will depend on the case in question, but can include:

•Overcoming title problems

•Solving inheritance issues

•Obtaining valuations

•Obtaining Energy Certificates

•Obtaining professional translations

•Certification of legal issues

•Dealing with Notaries/ Registries

•Dealing with the Spanish Tax Authority

•Coordinating preparation for property sales

•Finding and short-listing local agents

•Appointing local agents

•Legal/ contractual documentation


•Coordination of Foreign Exchange of sale proceeds

•Source of funds certification for Tax Authorities





Phone: 01442 78 1166

Call us in the UK: 01442 78 1166

Call us from Spain: (+34) 911 235 333




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